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Advantages of a Family Law Accredited Specialist


Not all lawyers are the same.  Like specialist doctors, there are specialist lawyers.  Gordon Lawyers specialise in Family Law.  It's all we do.


David Gordon of Gordon Lawyers has been accredited by the Law Society of NSW as a specialist in Family Law.  This specialisation combined with David's over 30 years experience, allows Gordon Lawyers to deliver to their clients the legal advice and assistance needed.

  Practical, clear legal advice that can be trusted.

  Our specialised training means we pick up issues and find solutions others may not.  

  Experience means we know what may be around the corner and avoid problems before they arise.

  The Family Law is vast and it is much more than what can be found in the books. Experience makes the difference.


Gordon Lawyers only do Family Law.  We don't do conveyancing, police matters or estates.   

Our whole focus is on our family law clients.



Family Law Accredited Specialist lawyers have proven their expertise in Family Law by undertaking advanced study and examination through the NSW Law Society.


THE ACCREDITATION LOGO   The Specialist Accreditation only applies to the individual solicitor and not the legal firm.

Always check if your lawyer is accredited.

It is a requirement to have extensive practical experience in family law.

Accredited Specialists are required to do twice as much ongoing training as non-specialist lawyers. 

Accreditation demonstrates a very high level of expertise in dealing with matters involving  divorce, separation, property settlements and child support.