Family Law - More Help

Legal matters are only part of the issues facing those who have separated and in most cases the emotional  impact is of greater significance.  Managing your feelings and looking after yourself is vital. Not only for your own well being but for those around you.



It is important that you lean on your family and friends and call on professional assistance where it is needed.  There are many great support services, both local and national.   A few are listed here.

Also where children are involved the Family Law Act places importance and responsibility on the parents to try and work things out.  It is here that the family mediation services can be invaluable.


Emergency Assistance

Separation can sometimes occur abruptly. Safety, housing and finances come before any legal issues.  Safety comes first, work
out the legal issues after that.
Bega Women's Refuge
For emergency housing and other assistance
  6492 3597 
Women's Resource Center at Bega
Along with other services, provides valuable help with domestic violence ADVOs( AVOs) and emergency travel assistance.
  6492 13 67 
South East Women's and Children's services
SEWACS programs include SEWACS Crisis Accommodation Program, Women’s Housing, Staying Home Leaving Violence, and the Eden Domestic/Family Violence Program
Also download their domestic violence APP.  Links from their web site.
In some circumstance can provide emergency financial assistance.
Also, need to advise them of your change in circumstances. Which may result in increased benefits.
Emergency Services
Police, Fire & Ambulance

Family Mediation

Family Mediation is not marriage guidance counseling. It is  a mediation process to try and find agreement on the issues in dispute with the assistance of a trained mediator (not a lawyer).
Where children are involved, such mediation is compulsory before any family court proceedings can be started ( expect in cases of violence or urgency).  This does not apply to property division disputes.   Only registered mediators can give what is called a section 60I certificate which allows a party  to start court proceeding regarding their children.  There are only two mediators on the far south coast region who can give a section 60I certificate ( both are at Bega, there are others at Moruya).
It is usually a good idea to get legal advice before mediation so you know your legal rights.. If agreement is achieved at mediation it can sometimes be best to get agreement written into a legally binding document.
Family Relationships Australia & Family Disputes Resolution
Part of the much larger national network of Relationships Australia who also have a great web site
  Located in Bega.      6492 2155 
CentaCare - Counseling and Mediation Services      

  Located in Bega       6492 4203 

Find a Family Dispute Practitioner
Family Mediators arte called, Family Dispute Practitioner.  A search can be done for the closest one here.
  Family Dispute Register


Look after Yourself

Separation can be incredibly difficult. it is vital that you look after yourself. Don't try and do it on your own. Talk to your doctor. hter are also a number of local counsellng services.
Merimbula Psychology                                Susanna Genot    Merimbula     6495 3970 

Janine Moran Counselor & Mediator            Bega     64923177
Crossroads Counseling Services                    Bega and Merimbula       0414 326 455

National Services

Lifeline                                                       1311 14
Beyond Blue                                               1300 22 46 36      
Men’s Line Australia                                      1300 78 99 78

How are the Kids?

There a number of counseling and family law services specifically for children.  The local services mentioned above can all help, in addition to the ones listed below
Kids Help Line   Phone.  Email.  Web              1800 55 18 00    
Counseling and support provided for young people (to 24 years old) who are feeling depressed, sad, lonely or just need someone to talk to.
Publications for Children
There are also a number of publications just for chidlren relating to family law an separation of their parents (from child support web site)
Me and my Changing family Guide for Teens