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What our client's have said about Gordon Lawyers...



"I appreciate your honesty and openness"
"300% on my last lawyer"
"That's exactly what I needed to know"
"Your letters are fantastic"
"I feel much better after talking with you"
"That's great. Simple to understand"
"I know you don't do conveyancing, but I thought I would ask as my friend raved about you."
"I'm really happy with your advice"
"Many thanks for you level headed thoughts"
"Thank you for your professional and very kind assistance"
"We thought of you first"
David has done a great job preparing your case (barrister)
"I feel it's the first time I've understood things"
"You couldn't be in better hands"
"Great talking to you. You talk English."
"You come highly recommended by my neighbour"
"That is Great.  Simple to Understand"
"Thanks for your considered and sensible approach"
"You are the only one who has really tried to help me"
A party who Gordon Lawyers acted against, later asked if we could act for them on a different issue (we couldn't)
"Very open, honest, genuine and warm"
"You're good at what you do"
"Please pass on my gratitude to David "
"I never got this service from my lawyer in...."
"Thank You for all that you have done."
"I wish I had seen you first"
"Thank you for your letter. A work of art."
"Thank you for your professional and very kind assistance"
"I'm so relieved after talking to you"
"It's been a difficult period and you have really helped. I would recommend you to anyone"
"This is terrific. Thank you David"
"Took time to explain the issues in laguage I could understand"
'What an outcome!  So happy with that"