Advantages of
Gordon Lawyers.

A Family Law Accredited Specialist

Not all lawyers are the same.  Like specialist doctors, there are specialist lawyers.

Gordon Lawyers specialise in Family Law.  It's all we do.

"Family disputes are complex, resolving property disputes is equally complex."

Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus September 2023

The legal issues to be considered when separating will impact the rest of your life. 

David Gordon of Gordon Lawyers  has been accredited by the Law Society of NSW as a specialist in Family Law. 

This specialisation combined with David's 30 years plus experience, allows Gordon Lawyers to deliver to their clients the legal advice and assistance needed.


dot3  Practical, clear, accurate legal advice from a family law accredited specialist. 

dot3  Advice on what you can do (and not do) to improve your legal position.

dot3  Standing up for your entitlements.dot3 

dot3  There is no automatic 50/50 split.  The Family Law Act only provides guidelines.  A specialist solicitor is best equipped to know how the guidelines apply.

dot3  Not escalating the dispute.  Doing all possible to keep the case out of Court

dot3dot3  Realistic legal advice, even it's not what you want to hear.

dot3  The reasons for the advice given. Without the jargon

dot3  Explaining options and providing guidance . Explaining what could happen based on different options.

dot3  Important correspondence is approved by client before it is sent

dot3  Copies of correspondence sent and received are provided.

dot3  Estimates of legal costs provided.  Including options to reduce legal costs. Itemised accounts given.

dot3  Experience means we know what may be around the corner and avoid problems before they arise.

THE ACCREDITATION LOGO   The Specialist Accreditation only applies to the individual solicitor and not the legal firm.
Always check if your lawyer is accredited


Gordon Lawyers only do Family Law.   We don't do conveyancing, police matters or estates.   

Our whole focus is on our family law clients.

What it takes to be an Accredited Specialist

Proven Expertise

Family Law Accredited Specialist lawyers have proven their expertise in Family Law by undertaking advanced study and examination through the NSW Law Society.


Only solicitors who have worked in family law for over 7 years can apply to be a specialist (David Gordon has over 30 years experience).

Extensive Training

The accreditation needs to renewed each year. This requires ongoing and extensive practice in the field and continual training (twice the amount of non-specialist solicitors).